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Here at Bear Necessities Charity Inc., our vision is to do what we are called to; Galatians 6:2 says “Bear one another's burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ". What does that mean? We want families going through hard times to know that they are not alone. We are on this journey with them whether that be in Prayer, lending a listening ear, or even a helping hand.

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**All monies collected will go towards the Bear Necessities Charity Inc. mission to provide Caregiver Totes.


Our Mission

At Bear Necessities Charity Inc., we will be making caregiver totes. The organization's founders know firsthand what it is like to be caregivers. There is no one else who knows and can truly understand the love and the sacrifice that is given than we do at Bear Necessities Charity Inc. If it wasn't for the love and dedication that we give around the clock for our special children, they wouldn't be who or where they are today! It is so crucial for caregivers to be taken care of as well because if they aren't, they are unable to care for their loved ones. Sadly, most of the time, no one thinks of the caregivers, only the patients. We at Bear Necessities Charity Inc. want to make sure caregivers know, we see you! You are NOT alone! You are loved and very much appreciated! The caregiver totes will have items that will hopefully show them just that. Included will also be a list of resources that can help the caregivers. Some of these resources might be known already and others may not. In being a caregiver, I have found that a lot of searching is left on our plates. If I can take just a little off another caregiver's plate, that is enough for me. We are in this together! We want to help those who are just receiving a new diagnosis and those who have been a caregiver for a long time. It doesn't matter. We want to help in times of need, like those who are currently in the hospital with their child. We are looking to partner with other non-profit organizations and businesses to raise funds through donations. Those donations will be used to help families of children with Autism and other medical conditions that bring hardship to a family. These funds would go to help these families who may not be able to afford the care their child needs and might lead them to opt out of the care for financial reasons. Bear Necessities wants to help donate the money we raise to help other non-profit organizations to also help aid these families or provide additional care to more families. We want to show Christ’s love and bring hope to the hopeless. In order to do so, we will be partnering with different types of organizations that mean something special to our families. We have been gracious to have a few Sponsors donate items for these totes. However, if there are any other businesses that would like to donate or become a sponsor for this amazing cause, we will be forever grateful. We do require donations upfront for any items being made or requested. This will allow us to not take from our own pockets but will help us grow in this process. Thank You for the love and support, we couldn’t make this happen without you all.

God Bless!

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